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I have been considering introducing programming to children to give them an opportunity to have a different kind of interaction (programmer vs user) with the computer and to give an opportunity for them to develop their logical and problem solving skills. I also felt that programming would help in improving a little bit of their English as it may get them to start thinking of breaking down a task into mini steps with a program like scratch and sticking the code together.

I was speaking to a fellow teacher who introduced me to:
and a paper by him that captured quite accurately what I had in mind.

The issue in a school is of course when to do it and in what context? 
I saw an opportunity when a few children at the Isai Ambalam School were coming for a summer camp for about a week in May. I thought a page would be a nice way to organize what I learnt. 

Here are the relevant posts:
1) The setting - who, what, how long, etc.
2) Acclimatization, movement - Getting children comfortable with scratch, getting them to do the first set of movements.
3) Go find (sharing), Using Repeat - Exploration of programming features, sharing and usage
4) Including sounds, recording - Making dramas, etc.
5) Closing Survey - What the children felt they learnt in the week.

Here is a pendulum that decays in time:

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