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Many of the recent posts are by Sanjeev Ranganathan. Sanjeev has a PhD in Electronics and works part time at Aura Semiconductor and is passionate about developing critical thinking skills with children. He does this through Mathematics, Science, hands-on Electronics and Programming.
Since Jun 2013 he has been working in the morning with Udavi school and in the afternoon with Isai Ambalam School (and works at night for Aura). He also engages in short times with Auroville children to do hands on electronics projects. He also provides some inputs to the Auroville ITI.
For the really curious, here is his resume, a note on volunteering. Of course, these were written for some reason at some point and will  not be updated unless another such reason at a different point arises :).
You can reach Sanjeev @

The remainder of the posts are by Anita Komanduri. Over time Anita has moved away from blogger to the more greener pastures of wordpress at:
The Millet Blog
and on more personal notes of her experiences as a mother to:
A Blog on Shifu and Arham
You can reach Anita @

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