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May 18, 2014

Programming (6): Closing survey: What children felt they learnt

The last day of the short camp was spent watching Black Stallion. I decided to use this time and get to see their work (for the programs I put up) and also spoke to each child to do a closing survey of their learning in the week. We also saw each others work at the end of the movie which was a nice way to complete the program.

Here were three questions I posed to the children:

Q1) Do you feel you learnt something new? If so, what is it?

  • How to make something work on a computer.
  • How to make something work.
  • I didn’t know Scratch. I know so many things in it now. I can move characters in different ways, change looks, add sound, etc.
  • I can make my own things, sounds, movements I want, etc
  • I can do my own story and make the characters talk on screen
  • To open an computer and work on it to do something useful.
  • To have a conversation between two people.
  • I learnt how to play games, then how to make my own and save it so I can see it later.
  • I didn't know how to open a computer. Now I know a lot!
  • I can make the cat small, big, color change, change it into other things. Do many things.
  • I learnt many things to do in scratch.
  • I learn many things I did not know before.
  • How to paint on a computer.
Q2) What is programming to you (if all what you did last week was programming)?

  • To make a object walk, talk, changing location.
  • Game - how do we create it yourself.
  • To get something done.
  • To make something happen on its own without having to do it step by step
  • To be able to do something.
  • To make two people talk, turn, joke, etc
  • On the computer to do something new.
  • To be able to do something new on a computer is programming.
  • To act, drama, dance, singing, movement, etc
  • To be able to make a story, actions, movement from one place to another
  • Make a computer change things and do things, making games.
  • To make a drama, do be able to do something.
  • Using Scratch!

Q3) Did you debug i.e. find something that was not as you wanted and fix it yourself?
  • Pendulum movement and sound was not in sync and I figured out the issue and put it in sync.
  • Actual pendulum was going only in one direction (right). I was able to identify what went wrong and correct it.
  • Pendulum - repeats I had initially got wrong. I saw the results and then corrected the program.
  • I was spelling words incorrectly. I now put it in an editor run spell check and then use the text in my stories.
  • I did, but I don't remember. I saw the results and found out what was wrong and fixed it.
  • If two people talk and something is out of sync e.g. both talk together I am able to find out why and correct it with putting the correct number of delays.
  • I saw what others did and did the same.
  • No
  • No
  • I did do it, but now I don't remember exactly what it was.
  • I modified the default cat into what I wanted
  • There was a problem and you helped me fix it. I think I can do something like this myself.
  • No
  • I painted something wrong and corrected it.

Q4) Do you feel any different when you use a computer now than you did a week back?
  • It feels different. Instead of just playing a game I will make things on my own. I also appreciate how much effort it has taken people to make all the programs that we use.
  • I feel different. I can do things myself now.
  • I will only spend some time to play at the computer. Now I find the computer interesting, because I can do things myself.
  • Its different. I had done drawing. I feel like I can do a project on it.
  • A little different. I know a lot about how the computer itself does things.
  • I used to play games and sums, this is a different program. The computer feels the same.
  • It feels different. I used to do maths, here I can do many different things. It feels more creative and interesting.
  • It feels different, but I can't explain why.
  • It feels different. I used to play games, I now know scratch and I find it interesting.
  • I feel different. I used to play earlier, now I do things.
  • Its feels different. Instead of playing games I feel I am doing something constructive.
  • I feel the same.
  • Its different. I now like a computer.

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Sharad said...

What aspects of what you did think helped with building problem solving skills? At what point did they think "algorithmically"?