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January 17, 2014

How about a drama for math/science?

At the end of the term the children put up a cultural program. At the end of last term I had hinted on doing some experiments, but that didn't pan out. This time around the idea of doing a drama on Archimedes really caught the attention of the children.

I gave them one version of the story on dday-2 and they added characters, settings and created a drama out of it. They took up the roles - king Hiero, confidant queen, goldsmith, his unscrupulous sidekick, then enrolled others - friends of goldsmith who attended a party after the goldsmith thought he fooled the king, gatekeepers and soldiers of the king and put together some props, etc. They also modified the story from Archimedes being in a bath to it being a hot day and he drinking from a public water station in which he pushed the container in to see the water rise.

They were also kind enough to let me modify the ending with the king to thanking Archimedes from saving him from the wrath of the Gods by offering them a defective crown (from the more obvious one of the goldsmith's head rolling :)).

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