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January 02, 2014

Butterfly says thanks...

Ani has been working on making some flower beds. Arham permitting, we go and collect cow dung in the mornings for the same. Her favorite bed are the hope flowers just outside our house. The buds are just starting to come out. Ani was sitting in front of the bed adding some cow dung when a butterfly came by sat on few of the buds. Ani didn't notice the butterfly till I mentioned it to her from the window and the butterfly flew did a circle around her and she saw it sit on another bud for a few seconds and then said goodbye. Perhaps, it was the butterfly's way of saying thanks for the time and effort she has been putting to get flowers to bloom at Isai Ambalam.

It was a nice moment and I wish I had captured it with a picture as its better than 130 words :).

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