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June 23, 2013

At Auroville

We moved to Isai Ambalam School in Auroville in Jun (2013) just before the school reopened (from summer holidays). 

I first visited the Isai Ambalam School in 2002 while I was volunteering for Asha NYCNJ. We were exploring partnering with the school to help promote the many techniques being experimented at the school. We did this through supporting a couple of guest rooms where men and women teachers could stay for a week or so and observe the learn the methods directly.

Since the rooms were built over 300 sets of teachers were trained in Pondicherry and TN in Glenn Domain, Rishi Valley (which has now become the default due to ABL in TN and Pondy) and introduced to methods like Phonics, Audio tape. Over the last couple of yrs these  have been limited to day visits and the school is also focussing on introspection and focusing on current learning difficulties and overcoming them through formative assessment and the more recently available media like computers and internet.

They have made the rooms available for us to live and explore Auroville and work at the school. With some work on the rooms we have made it a home complete with a kitchen, a  fenced area for Shifu, a sand pit for Arham and Shifu and a covered roof.

Here are some pics:

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