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February 27, 2012

A canopy for Arham, a canopy for Shifu

After Arham drinks his milk, we try to get him to stay on his back for sometime before letting him flip on his tummy, so he doesn't bring out the milk. In order to get him to voluntarily stay on his back, we put him under a canopy, the canopy being a dupatta, sari or any cloth with a nice print. He loves it and stays under the canopy sometimes for as long as half an hour, talking to the prints and cooing at them, sometimes screaming as well. Shifu hangs around Arham for a good part of the time that he is awake. Yesterday, when he was asleep in his crib, she went and slept under the canopy. Today, Arham and Shifu got a canopy each. And Shifu slept under hers all day.


Hitchcock said...

Really cute :)

Savitha Sridharan said...

Cute :)