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September 30, 2008

Hridoye chile jege

Hridoye chile jege
dekhi aaj shoroto meghe

Kaymone aaj ke bhore
galo go galo shore
tomar oyi aanchol khani
shishirer choan lege

Keeje gaan gahite chaay
bani mor khoonje na paay

Sheje oyi shivli dole
chodalo kanon tole
sheje oyi khonik dharay
ude jaay bayu bege

You were always alive in my heart but its only today that I see you clearly among the bright autumn clouds.
This autumn morning, by the touch of the dewdrops, I see you unveiled.
I want to sing to you about how I feel but I can't find the right words.
It is as if all my words are sprinkled in the garden like flowers and are whisked away by the breeze.

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