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March 08, 2007

The Thulir Experience
About Sittilingi
About Anu and Krishna
How we landed at Thulir
Porting Sugarcane
Interacting with children in technology course
Home schooled children
First evening class: Getting children to make their own puzzles
Learning Circuits (LC) I: Let there be (some) light
An early morning visitor
They were not kidding
LC II: A different approach
LC III: Taking stock & roofing
LC III(a) My homework: making a torch
LC IV: Checking components
Group Discussion: Fear
LC V : Building boards and getting to know the boys better
LC VI: Testing and fixing
Pictures from Thulir
Thulir Blog

1 comment:

Gaurav Agarwal said...

Just finished reading all your posts about your stay at Thulir, today. I had read a few posts here and there, but read them in order this time.

I am so glad that you have documented your experiences so well. Sanjeev, I was really interested and amazed with the electronics classes you conducted. The concept of everything - voltage, current, power - being the same was an eye-opener (the way any layman would consider electronics) and funny at the same time.

I especially liked how you decided to drop the conventional approach to teaching circuits and let the kids enjoy some hands-on experience. And once you had piqued their curiousity, you introduced the theory. I guess it is quite important to change the content you teach depending on how the students respond.