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February 25, 2007

LC III: Taking stock & roofing

This was a very short class in which I wanted to know if the elder boys had followed building circuits from schematics and vice versa.

It was a very successful class as I included two circuits in parallel in my drawing and they were able to replicate it in their design.

One interesting thing was that all the circuits I gave had to light up as the boys would just check if they did the right thing by hooking it across a 9 V battery themselves.

We had received all the material (dried sugarcane leaves of the right length) for roofing the technology shed. It was an elegant and simple idea of spreading the material using metal cables and bamboo to fasten them down and compact the roof with a simple bamboo mallet. A few people had come for hire to do the roof and we helped by passing them the material either by throwing it to them when they were working on the lower part and passing it on a stick with a split at the end. This took a good part of the afternoon.

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