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October 04, 2015

STEM Land inauguration on Friday 9 Oct 2015

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Land is an space exploring Science and Mathematics holistically with active use of Technology and Engineering (deriving principles from experience), its also a resource center with Math and Science materials, a maker space and a puzzles and games library. 
Its impossible to describe what STEM Land is, you need to experience it. Come join the adventure and start exploring STEM Land at the opening and a small fair at STEM Land @Udavi school at 10:45 a.m. on 9th Oct [Main Building], Auroville.
Please RSVP so we can have enough snacks (healthy and unhealthy) for everyone.

If you want to read more about STEM Land, please take a look at

Why STEM Land?
Though STEM is an acronym it can also refer to an approach to science and math education that is oriented towards application and making, tinkering and engineering. Its Land and not Lab because we are targeting a culture of learning rather than teaching and just as in France children learn French just fine and in Tamil Nadu children learn Tamil just fine, we hope that children will learn STEM naturally in STEM Land. 

The center is being initiated by the team (Bala, Sundar, Sanjeev, Vaidegi) of Aura Auro Design. But, we are well aware that the use of the center will involve a lot more and be driven by the interest of the children to learn.

Thanks to:
- Big Sanjeev and Udavi school for providing us space and up-ing it based on enthusiasm of the children.
- SAIIER who have provided us with the funding at just the right time to set up the center.
- Many other friends Ram, Gaurav, Shree, freecharge (company) for supporting materials that are being used at STEM Land.
- Many of our friends who helped us set up the center voluntarily, we spent no money on labor and did all the work ourselves and with friends. 
- Naturally, thanks to Aura for supporting Aura Auro Design without which this would have never become a reality.

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Aryadeep said...

This is greatly laudable initiative. Thank you, Sanjeev, Bala, Sunder, Vaidegi.

I went through the brilliant introductory article by Sanjeev Ranganathan (in collaboration with Chandresh Patel) of Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. The vision is clear and commendable – to start from Udavi school the capacity building of students and teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics through innovative approaches and practices. These in turn can impart the same to other teachers and students. Thus, gradually to expand the reach to other schools in Auroville region and finally to encompass a larger area – to become a hub for the movement to spread elsewhere in Tamil Nadu and India with a cascading impact.

Since India is the ancient country with youngest population, this kind of projects are critically important for the youth of the country. Besides such projects will enhance the relevance and reputation of Auroville. There are evidences to believe the Mother expected projects and activities in Auroville which create her relevance and reputation in India and around the world.