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May 02, 2015

A year in pictures at Udavi School

Here are a few albums related for the 2014-15 schooling year at Udavi (primarily for the 6th grade), special thanks to Sudhir for the pictures. Click on the pictures to take you to the appropriate albums.

Electronics, makey, makey, battery and magnet based motors.

Makey Makey and water level detection.

Bigshot cameras (assembly, pics taken by the cameras, measuring the voltage of the pathway from the motors to the battery, etc).
6th Grade assembly

7th Grade assembly and pics taken

8th Grade assembly

8th Grade visit to crocodile park trip documented with the bigshot cameras they made

Puzzles and games and interaction with Aura Auro youth
Working with their hands on blocks and building models

Using wooden blocks to understand squares and square roots

End of the year demonstrations set up by children included demonstration of polarity of motors, games based on continuity, resistance (pencil lead extracted by burning out the wood at just the right temperature), makey, makey burgulary alarm. It also had the children perform about the plants in the solar system and build a rocket that moved.

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