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March 01, 2015

A new adventure...

It has been an exciting new adventure starting Aura Auro Design and having a team to work with on electronics, math and science. The fun in a team experimenting, learning and teaching at the same time is unparalleled.

There has been constant progress, discovery and fun.

We started the first month as more of a graduate school lab (this is we still call our work space) and finding roots in the schools I have been working with.

The youth spent some time drawing circles in Scratch using three different methods (tangentsCartesian system, polar system) which helped in switching between Cartesian and Polar rigorous as a foundation to learn the theory of communication systems.

We also watched Ted talks, movies and met a few scientists. A sensory scientist trying to understand smell, taste, sensations; a scientist of climate change and one working on earth sciences. 

One Ted talk was by Clifford Stroll was about stoll through everything...a lovely video that took us to look at what we understand by wavelength and how things change as we go to high frequency especially RF design that we need to understand some day...

We have also been learning about fourier series, transforms, laplace transforms, filters, circuit elements resistors, capacitors, inductors. The youth have also been putting up notes on what they understand and have learnt on our blog.

We also attended the Stewardship for the New Emergence workshop that is about personal leadership (stewardship) - understanding oneself, connecting it with what you do and noticing the changes you want manifested in the world and aligning to it...

A lovely thing is that there is nothing basic we cannot talk about either in terms of what we can learn or new ways of looking at what we can work with children with.

We are now moving into the next phase where I stop being a the professor running a grad school lab and we transform the space to a lab for all of us to experiment and try things out (we just fixed an inverter!) look at ways to transform education systems we are part of and  handle our role with Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. with maturity, intelligence and as a team. 

More adventures coming soon as I restart blogging after a break of a couple of months...

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