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September 01, 2013

Sanjeev, where is your laptop?

Its interesting that sometimes we can't see patterns in what we do till someone points it out. This friday at the teachers meeting at Isai Ambalam I was organizing my thoughts when Stella said "Sanjeev, where is your laptop?" For a second I didn't understand what she was talking about and then I remembered that I have been showing something, a ted talk, videos of the kids experiments, what happens to rice when it is processed or some such thing in every teachers meeting. It appears that there is some anticipation that something different will happen as well.
I went ahead and did an activity of guessing their birthday (only month and day) by a number they produced after a bunch of operations (I blatantly copied this from this video) as an example of something that could be proved through Algebra. Its fun to get teachers to be surprised and happy. A couple of teachers had errors in their calculations, but went right back at it and punched in the air  "yes, I got it" in the end.
Teachers should have more spaces to be children. The best classes I have had are the ones I was myself curious about what was going to happen next.

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