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June 11, 2011

Shifu comes home

We brought Shifu home 2 yrs back from Sittlingi. She was one in a litter of five Labrador, Alsatian cross. The puppies were five weeks old. We played with a few of them and they would stay with us for a few minutes and then run off to their mother. We had read online that you should look for a pup that is sociable, etc.

We had asked for a female pup and there were two. Sanjeev was worried that Labradors get fat and have hip trouble and wanted the thinner one. Ani played with both and didn't know which one to pick.

Suddenly it was time to pick a puppy and head home. Finally, the puppy picked us. Shifu walked up to us and that was it.

Much later we read in 'The Other End of the Leash' that it is prudent to pick a puppy by flipping them upside down and placing your palm on their belly. Puppies wriggle a little and then stop indicating that they are playful yet docile. These are preferred pups. If we had done this test Shifu would still be out there wriggling.

We got ourselves a high energy pup and we took our time to get trained by her. We would like to document some of our experience and learning in future posts.

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