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February 21, 2009

When life gives you a lemon...

you know the rest...but I have some lemonade to share :).

The beginning of this year our office moved from the nice quiet 2km distance from my home to Outer Ring Road. While I biked the comfortable 2 km in the inner road having to travel down a few km on Airport road as well as ORR pretty much ruled out my bicycling. We had decided to move closer to work again. We found a really nice house designed by Krishna from Thulir and have decided to move there 1st March. But, it still left two long months to figure out my commute.

I had let people know that my bicycling that had been going on and off for a good 4 months (and covered a good 350 km) was coming to an end and my ecological footprint was going to get bigger again (though the two France trips from work pretty much maxed it out I believe :).) Anyway, as part of my "sharing" a couple of friends suggested that there was a back road that went up to my office. This was exciting and I took my Activa the first day to explore, but finally ended up taking the ORR. But, with a little faith and some google maps I found the patli gali on the way back. That was it I decided that I would take this as a chance to get some exercise as part of my daily life to do something useful like getting to work. The distance was some 11 km in a day and the results are telling :).

But, it has not been easy. The new office is a bit interesting in how they monitor the time you spend at work (though a system lovingly called absentia, might I add). The need to work with my French counterparts which usually happens later in the evening. Being able to find a schedule that can get me to (easy) and back (not-so-easy) with there still being some ambient light has required some discipline and thinking outside the box.

This month they also closed out a part of the road that now requires me to go through the Airport road for some distance and get in a few more kms a day, but on the whole it has been fun and though we move over the weekend has made the last two months memorable and active.

I'll be completing 400 kms in the months of Jan and Feb of distance that I needed to travel that I choose to travel on my bicycle. Not bad for a new year!


thushar said...

awesome! :)

Poonam Kurani said...

i am enjoying reading your blog. can't get off it. pls don't mind my curiosity. also very curious to know abt the "office system u mentioned - system to monitor work" would u be able to give me some words, i shall google out the rest.