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July 21, 2008

George Carlin Dead

For a moment I thought of calling the blog 'George Carlin Lives On' and realized that this just would not be right. This title on the other hand is simple, honest - tells the story - something he stood for.

I guess that should be it, nonetheless, I decided to dedicate a small space in the internet for a man who made me laugh at the silliness of taking myself seriously and question many of even my 'liberal/progressive' ideas.

Some of his classics 'Golf courses for the homeless', 'Education and owners of America','Classes in America','Saving the planet!','Making large holes in other people's country' will continue to raise questions. His other comic takes on language - 'shell-shock (40's) to post-traumatic stress disorder (70s)' and 'language used in airlines doesn't seem line English to me' while not being thought provoking are quite entertaining.

He will of course be a class apart from other comedians for his bold takes on religion and other authority figures.

If you haven't seen much of him try to get 'Jamming in NY' which is probably his best show.

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thushar said...

i yet haven't borrowed the DVD from you. damn! :)